Drug Addiction and Preventive Measure

Drug Addiction and Preventive Measure

Drugs are low molecular masses chemicals that interact with our body, producing a biological response. When the biological response is therapeutic and useful, these drugs are called medicines. However, most doses higher than recommended may cause harmful effects and sometimes may even lead to death.

Drugs ruin lives when people start abusing and become drug addicts that affect almost every system in your body. Drugs affect feelings and moods, brain activities, decision & judgment making, learning, and more.

Outcomes of Drug Addiction

Drugs ruin lives and have grave consequences on one’s mental and physical well-being. They result in long-term health outcomes that harm the nervous system and damage organs like the throat, lungs, liver, heart, and brain.

Amongst women, irregular hair growth patterns are noticeable. Injecting drugs regularly into the bloodstream not only results in cancer but also collapses veins.

Drugs Ruin Our Brain

Erratic behavior, mood swings, symptoms of psychosis, and a higher risk of mental illness are noticed amongst drug addicts. The entire brain is affected by the addiction, which changes the way it operates and even changes the brain’s structure, causing damage to the cells.

Addiction can unapologetically take a toll and destroy everything in someone’s life, including their relationships.

Personal and Social Impact of Drug Abuse 

Drugs ruin livesof others around us. Spouses, children, and families with a family member with addiction experience emotional damage. Also, lined up are financial, legal, medical, and other consequences for the family.

Drugs like cocaine, inhalants, ketamine, marijuana, and methamphetamine lead to paranoia, aggression, hallucinations, and depression.

A person’s personality sees a drastic change and tends to become more abusive, manipulative, and deceptive.

How Far Can People Go To Pursue Addiction?

Most people get addicted to illegal drugs, and in order to keep feeding that addiction, they go to any extent to procure them. They involve themselves in drug dealing, gangs, theft, or sometimes prostitution for buying these illicit substances. By indulging in such acts, they ruin their image and also land up behind bars.

All these things increase embarrassment, shame, repentance, and even depression in the person. The effects and consequences of drug abuse are:

  • A disturbed family
  • Social isolation
  • Financial troubles
  • Affected work life
  • The most blatant truth is that it can cause death

Addiction amongst the Youth

Drug addiction amongst the youth is also one of the problems that are required to be addressed immediately. The ever-growing peer pressure, the urge to experiment, and lack of communication between parents and teens is responsible for this issue.

Drugs ruin the lives of young teens. This disrupts their career-making time despite their talents. It gives rise to poor memory, lack of self-esteem, and violent behavior. There is also a drastic increase in mood swings, poor sleep, and psychological disorders like schizophrenia and bipolar syndrome.

Prevention of Drug Addiction 

Drug addiction can be prevented in numerous ways. An intelligent way of curbing this addiction is by educating through social institutions that explain the harmful effects of drugs and other narcotics.

Seeking medical help and visiting therapists can also help in overcoming drug addiction. The family is often viewed as a primary source of strength, providing nurturance and a stable environment.

The addict may need a lot of emotional and psychological support in its withdrawal state. To conclude, strict steps should be taken to control these narcotics’ supply and transactions for a healthy society as drugs ruin lives always.